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Åpn Mbechmanns profil

Ikke godt nok - not good enough

I am writing this in English to avoid misunderstandings. I can translate into Danish if needed.

The way these changes have been done to this site, is simply not good enough. First of all, you send a messege here (not on email as I would expect) with 3 days warning. Nothing on the main page and nothing on this forum. What about the people who were chatting and had no options to pay for the access? You just cut them off completely from talking to each other, in 1 go. That to me is strike 1. 

I really dont like it that way that was done. But since I had been in contact with a couple of people, I had to pay to be able to send them a messege with alternative contact info.

Now this is where things turn bad again. On your site it says that I can cancel the subscription any time I want to. Since I dont want to pay for any more than I have to, I want to cancel it. I paid for 1 month, and that was all I wanted to pay.

But I cant find the place to cancel the subscription without deleting my whole profile. I want to go back to the free subscription but that option isnt there.

So I contact the support. I get a reply how to cancel the subscription and that was it. After I confirmed cancel, I would get an option to keep the free profile. So I did that. When I did that, I lost 1 months of access - that I paid for.

So I sent the support a mail, and got a standard response back - identical to the respons I had before. Nothing more, nothing less.

So now I have lost 1 months of access and the support doesnt respond anymore. As I said, thats not good enough and you need to get that sorted out. 
Det er lidt en amatør side det her. Godt at vide at man ikke skal afslutte sit abonnement før måneden er ved at være gået. Hvis man vil ha “ordnede forhold” må man vist vælge de store dating udbydere, hvor siden er mere prof.
Åpn KristenDates profil

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your honesty and will consider this for our next update.

If you want to cancel your membership you should cancel at the end of your subscription month. We have already given you full access so you can use your membership that you paid for :-)

Best regards,